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elliott erwitt

Fotografo Elliott Erwitt: info e imagenes

Yorkie w/ woman at newstand.  And I thought it was this last generation who was forgetting there undies ?

Elliot Erwitt (b. vintage photograph of blonde woman bending over at magazine stand with small dog on leash.


My sister-in-laws and I always jump into the lake like this. We HAVE to get a picture

High Flyers Trapezes

Vintage Photo -- Ladies aerial ballet and trapeze artists, 1948

Henri Cartier-Bresson Paris '69

Henri Cartier Breton - in Paris, the mini skirt had arrived - not to everyones approval. Inspiration for our Monochrome Twist shoot in the June 16 issue.

I wish these were in fashion now.  She looks so lovely with her parasol doesn't she?

- vintage photograph of a very pretty young woman at the beach in her late-Victorian/turn-of-the-century style bathing suit. i LOVE her amazing Art-Nouveau patterned parasol.

Elliott Erwitt USA. New York City. 1977.

New York City, 1977 by Elliott Erwitt Elliott Erwitt (b. 26 July 1928 Paris, France) is an advertising and documentary photographer known for his black and white candid shots of ironic and absurd situations within everyday settings— a master of Henri Cart