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I love this tattoo! Definitely gonna get this. Its gonna be on my left side (ribcage). The owl represents "Wisdom" and the skull represents the passing of my bestfriend when i was younger (my mamaw ♥).

i have a weird love for owl tattoos!

This is the idea I have! Something different though: one owl on each thigh...each with a different color scheme [one girly and one more masculine]...the girly owl will be holding the heart locket in her beak [like this one] and the masculine one will be holding the key [like this one]. :) Each will have the huge, ornate roses underneath them. :) Now, I just need to design it...

Really intricate owl in a really neat place.

This owl has the Russ scowl... I like that. Makes me think of my Gpa and son.

Don't know the artist on this piece of awesome... if you do, please comment. Cheers!

julie will repin this. i dont even have to tag her in it. i know.?.........shut up Katie hahaha

would love to get this owl tattoo but would get in soooooo much doodoo with several people....still want it though with a few tweaks

In memory of my grandpa. He was both wise and old, like an owl, and I wanted him to stay with me all the time.

"I hope to learn as time goes by that I should trust what's deep inside" owl tattoo with roses

Such majesty... such silliness...