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....pretty- if I were younger and thinner- this is just gorgeous!!!

Like the idea of no black lines - not sure if it would work with my current tats though...

Oh my buddah, this is nearly exactly what I was thinking for my arm sleeve...!!! DAMN IT, I hate it when you see an idea you have already on somebody!

Bettencourt Chase: things we make, bake and photograph: Things I'm loving this week: black and white tattoos

I don't want the flower but I want the anchor. My friend drew one similar for me. My papa was in the navy and I want to get something for him. That anchor is perfect!

Can't believe this is an actual tattoo. Love the colors!

Tattoo: very similar to mine! Only mine has flowers and goes across the top of the foot.

In love with this. Almost wish I would have seen this before I got my anchor!

I'm not a big fan of butterfly tattoos, but I do really like the colors, and the swirls are really pretty ^_^

so cute. but I'd take out the blank spots in they eyes and the blue patches around him.

Love Tattoos Note to self: Maybe add my kids names with this?