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little Indian girl ghost....Picture taken with a motion activated camera....The deer even sees her.....

Paranormal 360from Paranormal 360

Real Ghost Pictures: Witley Court Spirit

Witness Statement: My husband and I visited Witley Court a couple of years ago and when looking over our pictures we found the following image. It is important to note that there are NO floors in this building because they were completely destroyed by a fire. It was a very overcast day and actually down poured not long after this picture was taken...

eBaum's Worldfrom eBaum's World

AAAHHHH! Real Ghost Photos

A ton of haunted ghost stories within the Mankato area. Scary and all of them pretty good for those of you that enjoy a good fright at night or during Halloween and Day of the Dead (or any time!)

This picture made the local newspapers in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is a picture of the mansion (also called the Hannah house by locals) being moved. As you can see the house was boarded and there was nobody in the house. Yet, there is an image of a girl looking out of the window. The house is reputed to be very haunted and is on the top ten haunted places in USA.

Photograph taken in Thailand may show a man's spirit leaving his body. His face has been blacked out to conceal his identity. The ghost photo was taken by Chiang Mai police while the scene was being investigated after the man was murdered in a fight. A volunteer interviewed said this was the first time he has seen a photo like this in his 30 years of working with police. Authorities and locals were both shocked and awed by the image.