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    • Dolores Guerra

      Myrtle Plantation Ghost Photos | Ghostly Child Figure In The Picture | Child Ghost In Photo | Real Ghost Child | Ghost Matter

    • Vi

      "Ghost Photo of a child real chilling image of a ghosts at the Myrtles Proff that the place is very haunted!" <-- Uh-huh....

    • Scorpio 333

      Ghost Photo of a child ...real chilling image of a ghosts at the Myrtles.

    • Nicki Jay

      Ghost Photo of a child at the Myrtles.

    • Bailey Kukay

      real ghost photos freakyyyyyyyyyyy

    • Kim Bowsher

      real ghost photos - Bing Images

    • Kari Gassen

      real ghost photos

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    real ghost photos - Bing Images "This photo is one of the very few that I think might be real"

    real ghost photos - Bing Images

    Ghost captured in Victorian clothing. Courtesy of the American Institute of Metaphysics.

    WOW !!! Loved ones watching over them? ghost photos - Bing Images

    real ghost photos - Bing Images

    Gettysburg ghost

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    AAAHHHH! Real Ghost Photos

    Wingate Hotel, IL - Is it real??? Could be...Judge for yourself. Without seeing what's inside the room it's hard to say (IMO), but it's definitely creepy. Hotel security goes inside the room that is supposed to be empty and where screams have been reported. Upon entering, the security guard reports that the room is tossed. If you watch closely, after the security guard enters, a barely visible, white figure seems to exit...again, judge for yourself!

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    real ghost photos December 2013 | Ghost on the bridge | Ghost Photo Gallery

    Ghostly imagine of a civil war soldier, unusually clear, so what if. . .

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    While filming "Return to Babylon", the Director and Staff were infiltrated by things they cannot explain....this is a real picture on the set.

    Bing : Real Ghost Photos

    real ghost photos - Bing Images

    Real Ghost Pictures

    Real ghost photo pic