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    real ghost photos - Bing Images

    Real ghost photo pic

    Man Discovers Phantom Figure in Facebook Photo, Image Analyst: “I Believe This is a Real Ghost”

    Wingate Hotel, IL - Is it real??? Could be...Judge for yourself. Without seeing what's inside the room it's hard to say (IMO), but it's definitely creepy. Hotel security goes inside the room that is supposed to be empty and where screams have been reported. Upon entering, the security guard reports that the room is tossed. If you watch closely, after the security guard enters, a barely visible, white figure seems to exit...again, judge for yourself!

    real ghost photos

    real ghost photos - Bing Images

    real ghost photos December 2013 | Ghost on the bridge | Ghost Photo Gallery

    real ghost photos - Bing Images

    Real Ghost Pictures

    Sachs Bridge ghost photo taken at Gettysburg by Spirit Stalkers of Ohio. Yes, that is the ghost of a soldier on the right side of the picture.

    In December of 2010, a nature photographer checked on a trail camera he'd set up to film wild animals in a reserve in Morgan City, Louisiana. The camera was smashed, but its SIM card survived. When the photographer uploaded the camera's final images he was shocked at what he found. Instead of a wild animal, his camera caught the image of a ghostly, near-transparent humanoid figure. The anonymous photographer let a local news station run the footage, but no one could explain the humanoid

    Gettysburg Ghost Photos | ... Specters: Heavyweights of the Paranormal - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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    Girl In Window - Unexplained Mysteries :: Real Ghosts???

    Myrtles Plantation. Spooky goings-on have been captured on camera by amateur ghost hunters.

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