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    This is Gertrude The Haunted Doll resides in Ed & Lorraine Warrens haunted museum collection. Not as popular as Annabelle but a strong presence this Doll gives off. Would you take it home for a night if asked? - Southside Paranormal Society

    Island of the dolls. One of the most haunted places. Ghost Adventures and Josh Gates from Destination Truth both have investigated this mysteriously haunted hotspot...

    Tall Apparition Filmed in the Woods? On November 14th, 2005, a surveillance camera captured this video of a tall, ghostly figure slowly gliding through the trees and thicket. The uploader claims the camera was set up by amateur ghost hunters. Despite it’s appearance, the figure is believed to be about 6 feet [182 cm] tall.

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    'Samurai Ghost': Photo Shows Mysterious Boots Behind Girl - ABC News

    "Ghost Woman and Her Baby" Photo Shows Mysterious Figure in Window

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    Poveglia Island Ghost

    Work crews on nearby Lazaretto Vecchio were digging the foundation for a new museum when they came across one such grave pit, filled with the remains of more than 1,500 plague victims.

    THE PLAYMATE! There was no additional information given when this photograph was submitted. Submitted by: Alex L. | Unknown

    This thing look like a alien

    Do you see the mother and child? This picture was taken in the early 1980's.

    Seance gone wrong

    According to the security guard who found this photo: “Willard Library is bookmarked on my PC for easy checking. In the room, there was this creature that seemed to be crawling towards the cam. It had no hands, no face and was wearing black and gray. There is a small footstool on the left which after the creature vanished, was now on the right side. Then the books atop the shelf on the right, were replaced by a black cover with something under it.

    Another Perth image, this was taken when something set off the security sensor in the middle of the night in this tea room.

    Ghost boy