Burlap Monogram Frame

Burlap Monogram Print Burlap Wedding Burlap Art by SunBeamSigns, $21.00

Wrap a canvas in burlap, stencil letter w/ fabric paint or permanent marker

How to paint letters onto burlap?

Love the burlap and you can change pictures whenever!

frame, burlap, letter

Sunflowers and burlap

I just did this (with this exact frame) for Bailey's room. She chose neon green glow in the dark paint for the letter and shimmering black for the frame.


These are ADORABLE!

Combo of everything I like, letters, DIY flowers and burlap..must do!

Single Letter Monogram Wooden Door Decor

Wood letters glued to canvas & painted a solid color.

old window and vinyl letters...love this!

Painted frame + scrapbook paper + letter.

i love this idea- looks way nicer than the usual dry erase board & tacky calendar hanging somewhere in the house

Using a rubber door mat and a piece of wood or an old door....I would paint the wood black and then spray paint white over the rubber mat to create the design. Maybe use it as a headboard or wall art....

Front Door Wreath

print a letter big on the computer, cut out with exacto knife, and put pictures behind.

Letters in frames w/ scrap paper backs - could be a family or child's name, or "Christmas" or "Autumn" or "Harvest". Also love the mix of letter styles.

Buy plates from Dollar Store Use a Sharpie and decorate...Bake at 350 for 30 min. Becomes permanent and safe - want to do it with quotes