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Famous mid-century jugglers Francis Brunn and his sister Lottie at the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Combined Show in 1949.

Pinito Del Oro Cristina María del Pino Segura was a trapeze artist. She was known as "Pinito del Oro". She worked with Ringling Brothers until 1960. This photo was taken in 1951 by Charles Cushman.

SELLS BROTHERS Enormous United Shows Circus Poster

"Congress of Freaks" Ringling Brothers sideshow/freakshow attraction- vintage photo.

A female snake charmer with the Cole Brothers Circus, watched by two children. #vintage #circus #performers

A female Cole Brothers Circus performer is shown in costume, wearing a tall plumed hat, with a tent as a backdrop. #vintage #circus #performers

"Congress of Freaks". What a fabulous photograph. I love this.

Ernesto Sisters, high-wire artists. "Lithographs of the 1890s," Bandwagon, Vol. 7, No. 4 (Jul-Aug), 1963, p. 9.

The four Shields brothers, of White Rock, Texas, were billed as being between 7 feet 8 inches and 8 feet 0 inches tall, but in reality none of them exceeded 7 feet 0 inches. They were between 6 feet 8 inches and 6 feet 11 inches when they joined a Barnum & Bailey sideshow around 1880. They were also known as The Texas Giants.

Strong man acrobatic circus act; one man holds up 10 people, c. 1900