True statement. There are some circumstances in which a choice may need to be made. However, I believe that every child is a gift.

Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life The difference here=abortion is murder. You make a CHOICE to become PG! Close you legs ladies.And you men, keep those pants zipped up!!!!

from: Pro-Choice DOES NOT Mean Pro-Abortion! It means knowing that unsafe abortions took place before laws were in place to make it safer. It means looking for better ways to lower abortion rates.

Pro-choice does not equal Pro-abortion.

Pro Life logic


It's your body. It's your decision. It's Pro-Choice or No Choice.




All the time, unfortunately.

2-27-14-Irony- It is very ironic that Lucia and Ma'Shingayi started attacking Maiguru because they did not like her opinion on the dare the men were doing. They rejected her opinion because they thought her education was a joke. They thought that Maiguru felt superior to them because of her eduction and that is why her opinion was wrong.

Say someone cant be sad because someone else may have it worse is just like saying someone cant be happy because someone else might have it better. So true!

Well, yes - I might just like that!


Just because someone doesn't believe in God, doesn't mean they don't have morals.