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Niederrheiner-From the Lower Rhine area of Germany. Known for their good temperaments and hardiness. Greenfire Farms will release a large fowl version of crele niederrheiners in the near future. These auto-sexing birds can weigh more than 8 lbs. and produce up to 200 eggs each year. Targeted for future releases by Greenfire Farms are also lemon cuckoo and black birchen varieties of this excellent and rare breed.♥

This is a REAL, totally black rooster called an Ayam Cemani .... It is an all black chicken with feathers of black. Its organs are black. Its meat is black. Its feet and nails are black. The inside of its mouth is black. It also costs $2,500 for one ... that means $5,000 for a pair!

Lemon Pyle Brahma, rare chicken breed. Large with magnificent markings and colors. Legs completely covered in feathers. Hens will lay around 180 eggs per year.

The variety of colors of chickens' eggs is surprising and beautiful, but color of the egg shell does not effect nutritional value or taste of the egg. Those qualities are effected by diet, health, and environment. Hens that have access to the outdoors and are able to forage for food lay eggs with enhanced flavor and nutritional value.

The Sussex is a dual-purpose, heritage chicken breed. Hens are excellent producers of large, cream-colored or light-brown eggs that they lay through the coldest winter months. In addition, they are meaty chickens that fatten easily, and their tender, succulent flesh is second to none.

Gold Laced Wyandotte - easy going, cold hardy, heavy body, small comb, energetic, good layer

Baby chick from the Serama Chicken. The smallest chicken breed in the world. So cute, like bumble bees with beaks :)

Rare, Chocolate Cuckoo Orpington Rooster. "Chocolate- Cuckoo" are the color and the feather pattern- Orpington is the breed.

We're raising chickens at our house! This little lady is on our list of chickens wants. She's a black copper maran. This kind of chicken lays chocolate colored eggs! Eggs can come in lots of cool colors and next year I hope to have enough chickens to get natural Easter eggs--no dyes needed!