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This engaging activity is perfect for small groups or your literacy centers. Students will read CVC words and then cover the picture that matches the word they read on their mat. I have included 6 different versions of the picture mat as I have found that if each child has a different CVC picture mat they will concentrate just on their board. :) Print the picture mats on heavy card stock and laminate for durability.

Word boxes: If a student doesnt know how to spell a word, they check the card in the box. If its not there, they bring the card to me, we spell it together, and then the card goes back in its spot when theyre done. Promotes independent writers!

Pocket Chart Pictures. Over 200 colorful pictures for teaching beginning sounds, rhyme, syllables and phoneme segmentation. Great for small group instruction.

Bead slides can help your students with phonemic awareness! Instead of shoelaces, I will use pipe cleaners and pony beads. Students slide a bead over for each sound they hear in a word - segmenting.

Teachers Pay Teachersfrom Teachers Pay Teachers

First Grade Grammar Activities & Printables [BUNDLE]

Roll, Spell, and Cover - students draw on their own phonemic awareness to find short vowel words, spell them and cover them in this fun game! This is just one of MANY activities and printables in this Common Core Language mega-bundle (250+ pages)

15 hands-on activities for teaching isolating sounds, segmenting and blending. Teaching manual included. Great for small group instruction.

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Phoneme Segmentation {and a freebie}

Phoneme activities

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What is Environmental Print?

"What's for Breakfast?" classbook. Children bring in a box label of their choice...great way to include environmental print in the classroom!

Have you ever used sound boxes (otherwise known as Elkonin Boxes) in your classroom? Basically, it's a way to strengthen your students' phonological awareness by segmenting words into individual sounds. This will help with their spelling and reading.

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Free clip cards for beginning blends

Free clip cards for beginning blends | The Measured Mom

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"Chrysanthemum" Back to School Activities

"Chrysanthemum" Back to School Activities. This is a good activity for students to do in the beginning of the year because they get to start learning counting and learn each others names.