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  • Katt Dalessandro

    zombie Bed Sheets by Melissa Christie Sweet Dreams!

  • Madeline Hopkins

    The Walking Dead Bed Sheets... Perfect for a guest room :)

  • Erin Gwynn

    zombie bed spread... Perfect for a guest room during the holiday!

  • Haycomet

    Zombie Themed Bed Set- Not sure how the guests would feel about seeing this in the guest room, but it's definitely original.

  • Nina Bratcher

    Nice bedspread for a guest bedroom!!! hahahahahahahaha

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I have always wanted the perfect garden gnome. Now i know why i never bought one. Because I've never seen a Gnombie

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Zombies, always, before doing something, ask to your self that same question and do exactly the opposite.

They are after your brains. Here is a theory: Get rid of your brain and let me know what happens.

Thanks Lindsay for sharing this one, it cracks me up. I am pretty sure people think we Mormons are Zombies!

Way to go Boston PD. That's what I like to hear...keep the public informed in case of a Zombie attack.

so do you keep driving, or look for shelter. drive on the opposite side of the freeway, it won't be as first!