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Jennifer Sanchez   Textile Inspired print pattern

Jennifer Sanchez - Textile Inspired

Street art "Jennifer Sanchez is one talented lady. I am especially enjoying her recent series of pattern paintings.

Jennifer Sanchez   ny.12.#14  mixed media on paper  11 x 7.5"  2012

11 x mixed media on paper signed & dated on the back Painted on acid free, hot press, paper. Textiles available at

"ny0931 Hieronymus Bosch on Wheels" by Jennifer Sanchez.

Hieronymus Bosch on Wheels" by Jennifer Sanchez: color love. The stylistic swirls combined with layers of circles and splatters is intriguing. This supports my idea that abstract art can be more difficult to title.

The idea is that it kind of looks like fire, But with happy colors. Something beautiful and well meaning can hurt too, if it's delivered in the wrong form.

That house was full of bitter sweet that house was full of it and when i look back its just a mass of confused colors waiting for its whirl.