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Fly Swatter Multiplication Game! Pick a table that you want to learn up to 12. We don't use the 0x? so that there is an even number of squares. Divide the poster board into 12 sections. Write each answer in one of the squares. Roll the math dice using the 7"s. For example you will leave one dice on 7. Roll the other dice. It makes and equation like 7x4. Say it outload "seven times 4 equals?" and using the fly swatter you hit the answer on the poster board!!! Very fun, highly addiciting

Zap It: The game can be played with 2+ players. Student draws a stick and must give the correct answer to keep the stick. If the student misses it then he/she must put the stick back. Students keep playing back and forth. If a student draws a ZAP IT! stick then they must put ALL their sticks back. Student with the most sticks wins the game!

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DIY Math Puzzlers

This fun DIY math puzzlers game uses craft sticks to create a cool math game for kids to practice and play.

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Math games for grade 3 and up

free math games for grades 3+

Roll & Remove. This is a fun little game played with number dice, a game board, counters, and two players. Both players start with a counter covering each number of their number line. Each player rolls the dice and adds the two numbers together to find out which counter to remove. If the player rolls a sum that’s already been removed from his/her number line, the player loses a turn and passes the dice. The first player to remove all of his/her counters from their number line wins the g...

Fun multiplication game! Students pull out a cup and answer the fact, as long as they get it right, they get to keep stacking.. could use with other math facts, too.

Kindergarten Math Curriculum. Great ideas for teaching students basic math facts. {Lane and I have been using colored Popsicle sticks to add and subtract and he would also make patterns as he was laying them out lol! ~Kari} | best stuff