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  • Hannah Osborn

    Teaching Ideas

  • Lorie Allison

    Classroom Management Funny- They have to leave it on their desk for when they come back...Love this because YEAH RIGHT they really wash their hands on their own in the bathroom every time! Re-pinned for all my teacher friends!

  • Angela JC

    Classroom idea: Kids take one of these and put it on their desk when they go to the restroom. When they come back, they take a squirt of hand sanitizer from the bottle, and then put it back for the next kiddo. (Source:

  • Stephie

    3rd Grade Thoughts: class management - Hand sanitizer bathroom passes.. LOVE this idea.. will definitely be doing this.

  • Jodie Cottage

    Hand sanitizer bathroom pass. It gets put on their desk so the teacher know who is in the bathroom and the student actually cleans their hands!!!

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