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Campus Vision by The Village Church. The Village Church

2013 Budget by The Village Church. The Village Church

Dearest Series Intro - Village Church

Beneath The Canopy - Anna Tovar - Village Church

New Spring Worship Elements - danDifelice. Commissioned by New Spring Church to design/animate three 25-second spots to fit into their worship service, giving visuals to three specified scriptures. The first two elements were used with the Revelation Song and the last was used at the to lead into Hosanna. They worship band backed each element live, so to give an idea of the vibe, I added a track to back the three spots. 3d work was done in Cinema 4d and compositing/2d work was done in Aft...

The Codependent Conjunction of “Gay Christians” and the Gay-Affirming Church (about Matthew Vines)

The Book of Judges Infographic

Matt Chandler's Church and link to his sermons

What Every Christian Needs to Know about the Qur’an

Millennials Are Leaving the Church (But Maybe That's OK) - "Church", with a big "C" or little "c"

Early Church History 0-AD250

Bible or Tablet in Church?

What Should the Church Say to Bruce Jenner?

99% Conference 2012: Motion Graphics by 99%. In the spirit of making ideas happen, we evolve the identity and motion graphics of the 99% Conference every year -- animating original quotations from our 2012 speakers. This year we used the Hoefler & Frere-Jones font Forza with Pantone Warm Red U and crisp, slicing animations.

Board Visualization - J-Scott.

Imagination Series: Concrete (5 of 5) on Vimeo

Tools of the Trade - Florence by Strike Anywhere. A series of short portraits with subjects discussing their lines of work and the tools they can’t live without.

Ready Rock commonvision - Maxwell.

210% After Effects by Anders Hattne. Everything, including the music was made exclusively in After Effects with no other programs or plug-ins.