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WWI memorial in Fromelles, France dedicated to the Australian soldiers who died there.

A U.S. soldier mocks Hitler for the camera, World War II.

More than 80,482 British Indian soldiers died in Ist World War (1914-18) according to the register of Common Wealth War Grave Commission.

WWI: A large group of soldiers attend a church service in a field, the Priest can be see in the middle of the picture towards the back. - Found via Buzzfeed

WWI - Soldier's Goodbye Kiss

French soldiers WWI

I died in hell— (They called it Passchendaele)

dog ate my tank : Photo Australians on patrol in Vietnam

The Who's Who of WWI

WW! US poster: "This WWI fund raising poster shows a girl feeding a wounded soldier and reads, "Food for France." The poster was produced in 1918 by New York's W.F. Powers Co."

Two sleeping Marines share their foxhole with a Okinawan boy, Ryukyu Islands, 1945

U.S. soldier Alvin York with his mother Mary York, c. 1919. Sergeant York, was one of the most decorated American soldiers in World War I. He lead an attack on a German machine gun nest, taking 32 machine guns, killing 28 German soldiers, and He and his seven men capturing 132 others. He was born and died in Tennessee.

Douaumont Ossuary During the 300 days of the 1916 Battle of Verdun approximately 230,000 soldiers died. The Douaumont Ossuary was built as a memorial to the battle and contains the remains of at least 130,000 of those who died in Verdun. Verdun, France

40 maps that will explain WWI

WWI: Australian soldiers in Egypt

Short history of WWI

Australian soldiers - Vietnam War

Australian soldiers asleep in a first line trench

WWI cavalryman.... Look at the awesome power and control...

A farewell kiss -A soldier kissing his daughter goodbye before he leaves Britain.