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Choose Your Weapon and let the Games Begin!

PS3 God of War: Saga Collection - 2 Disc. God of War collections 1 and 2. Play as the brutal warrior Kratos. God of War Collection (Chain of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta). Encounter some of the greatest mythological beasts and enemies: Medusa, Cyclops, Minotaur, Harpies and more. Driven by pure revenge, nothing can stop Kratos from achieving absolution. The God of War III game finds Kratos raining carnage and destruction upon the Gods who have betrayed him and the entire Ancient...

OK ouain c'et comme ça dans une manette de PS3... :P

You can wall mount Ps3???

Playstation 3. Blu Ray player. Video game system of preference for my music and rhythm games (such as Rock Band 3 and Singstar).

:( me wanna play i think the little boy or something..:P in fable 1 grew up and turned out to be like this? :|

Playstation Vita is here (almost). Feb 22, 2012 this bad boy will hit the market.

SNES - Great machine. Burned the midnight oil so many times playing SF2 Turbo on this bad boy!

Love to play my video games as a way to chill out. Right now my favorites are Skate 3 and NBA 2k13.

Great game for the PS3. Ideal for family. Supports for 4 players. Great value with the community on line levels.