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    The Snow Walker: Great period piece and insight into Native culture without getting hit over the head with it. Barry Pepper has never been better, and there's even a cameo by Michael Buble, and he's not even singing ;-)

    Departures: A great look at another culture's take on moving on, from this life

    The Snow Walker

    The Snow Walker

    The Snow Walker

    Learn about native culture The Museum of Ojibwa Culture in St. Ignace (left) offers a thoughtful look at Ojibwa life, including family networks and seasonal migrations, explaining how the Ojibwa adapted to the seasons -- from "shining leaves month" (September) to "crusty snow month" (February

    Eskasoni native culture

    Native cultures of Alaska

    Another ignorant white person appropriating Native Culture ugh. paintyhands: Parade of Fashions On Ice [Pershing Square, Downtown LA]

    Heard Museum of Native Cultures and Art, Phoenix, Arizona, Southwestern United States, North America

    Throughout the world ancient civilisations as well as native cultures have performed sacred ceremonies to instil beneficial energy into living spaces.

    Bear spirit from North American native culture

    Elizabeth Lindsey talks about the tradition among native cultures of "wayfinding", and how people in modern cultures can be guided by both the mind and the heart: "We live in a world loaded with information but starved for wisdom, trying to find our way." Dr. Elizabeth Kapu'uwailani Lindsey is the first Polynesian explorer and female fellow in the history of the National Geographic Society.

    Eskimo Life is a translation (with certain “nauseous details” left out) of Fridtjof Nansen’s ethnographic study of native culture in Greenland. A Norwegian, Nansen was one of those bigger than life individuals whose biography sounds like fiction. An explorer, scientist, diplomat, and humanitarian, he led the first successful crossing of Greenland’s interior and reached the [...][...]

    25th Hour: As different from a 'Spike Lee Joint' as you can imagine. Great story and even better cast

    Great young popcorn movie

    Finally read Into the Wild, possibly my favorite book. A hauntingly beautiful and tragic true story, everyone should read this book.

    Labyrinth worm

    Take Shelter: Michael Shannon should have been a lock for Best Actor, 2011 (in a just world)

    Into the Wild Poster Powerrrr! Nos persigue la guagua