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endilletante: “SOCMUS – virtual museum of socialist era graphic design in Bulgaria” is a project of the potographer Nikola Mihovand the architects Martin Angelov and Valeri Gyurov. „SOCMUS” is a virtual museum that presents different sections of the Bulgarian graphic design from the socialist era /1944-1989/. The project is fully focused on the artistic value of the works and not on their historic or political context. The collection of SOCMUS is periodically updated

That guy was never heard from again. Also, this is the Buzludzha monument in Bulgaria. Apparently where the aliens have been all this time.


The Era of Communism ,1988 by Jacko Vassilev | The Era of Communism ,1988 by Jacko Vassilev


Sunrise reflected in a bubble

Morning light reflected in a soap bubble over the fjord by Odin Hole Standal #Photography #SoapBubble #Norway #legit