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Technology Safety Posters and Learning Pack - [ Cyberbullying ]

Technology Safety Posters & Learning Packet. A learning pack on digital citizenship. It includes safety posters and 10 learning activities. which focus on key safety factors when working online, cyberbullying and how to take care of hardware at school.~ Rainbow Sky Creations ~

Turning Current Events Instruction Into Social Justice Teaching

When teaching social justice through current events, consider who your students are, explore opinions and perspective, clarify social justice themes, use interactive technology, and encourage activism.

GSA Sponsors LGBTQ conference for students and educators

Pinterest for Educators?

Principal Eric Sheninger reviews the new social media bulletin board to discover some exciting educational opportunities.

My name is Don Wettrick, and I have the best job ever. I’m a teacher. How many other teachers feel the same way? In many ways, it comes down to the administration. So let me explain why it is so important to have a principal and superintendent that creates a great learning environment for the …

Preschool Suspensions: Young Children Who Are Being Left Behind

Co-authored by Dr. Denisha Jones Young children have now begun the new school year, many for the first time. How many will not be allo...

Students Need PD, Too

Students love new technology but need guidance in using it effectively. You can help by discovering and modeling the apps themselves, project delivery, and workflow.

Eriselda Hernandez, right, reads with Fernanda Arana, 6, before school begins at Washington Elementary School in San Jose, Calif. The school’s weekly Madre a Madre meetings help bring parents into the school regularly to support children’s literacy development.