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    Just a suggestion.


    for real :)

    I read it and was unimpressed. Cant believe there are women out there pathetic enough to buy into that epic trash! So sick of hearing about it! #fiftyshades


    hahah! do it all the time... i know pay back is coming though. lol

    I kno right! Hate that!


    Call it as I see it.

    HAHA! I NEED to remember this forever!! And at the same time, sometimes my friends might say this about me!! Sorry!!

    The Summer Olympics will seem ultra lame this year if there's no event with kids killing each other.

    And plus I really dont jump period


    So true

    Or the alcohol needed to deal with this stupidity!

    ;) It's true though

    True statement.

    Fifty Shades funnies



    I would really love to spend some time with the Robertson family. Well, maybe just the guys. ...Ok, just Jase. I'd love to spend a little time with Jase Robertson.