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Very cool tattoo. I don't know how well a tattoo on the bottom of the foot would hold up but cool none the less

Toy Story, That would be Awesome. Especially if your name is Andy! If you're a woman that is into putting your significant others name on your body, and His name were Andy!

I refuse to sink tattoo. Cute phrase.

These tattoos drive me crazy! Why would you put refuse to sink with an anchor? An anchor is designed to sink. It makes no senses


35 Teeny Tattoos That'll Make You Want To Immediately Get Inked

Pretty half sleeve I'd incorporate

Half sleeve tattoos are a great tattoo design for girls who don’t want a full sleeve. This arm tattoo for girls features a mixture of beautiful flowers, all of them different types and all inked in different shades of pink. Connecting all the flowers .

If I ever got a tattoo, it would be something small and cute like this!

Tattoos that express emotions, like love tattoos, have been popular over the centuries to express one's love. Love tattoo designs are popular among men and women alike.


Quote by Robert Frost. I like it in a circle. Don't think I'd want it on my ankle


These are some incredible small finger tattoos for girls.So Check These Latest ring finger

Cara Lion Tattoo Designs

Lion finger tattoo - ugh, i& been wanting to get this for a while now. Dont want to get the Same thing though