color sip...This is a great way to tie in the blue that I already have in the dining room with the grey I want in the living room

I thought of your living room when I saw these colors!


Always a great idea to choose a color pallete straight from nature! This inspiration comes from the colors of a goose. Beautiful!

I like this color scheme for the living room and dining room...Family room ideas w/ just fab colors

color seeds

Interesting site... color pallettes based on photos, could be used for design inspiration.

Grey and gold

Color palette we used for our living room/dining room/entry way

cup tones - any of these whisper light neutrals would be a good base for a relaxing room



almost our colors

Kitten tones

Design Seeds { color } | Book Preview

pod tones

I like this - possibly for my living room? Walls the top two colors and the accents the bottom red color

Absolutely love

caffeine tones