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Guitar Scales for Beginners

LOVE THIS! !!!! I'm definitely going to print this out and use when I practice! !!

Guitar Scale Wall Chart, The C scale is featured. That's how I began learning to improvise. Time to learn some guitar THEORY and tune up your jams! Read more about the fastest way to learn theory for guitar in the link.

Hey check this site out for learning Guitar, Amazing stuff: guitar-zvxtyhkr.c...

Notes on the Fretboard! Want to memorize all of them as fast as possible? Try this: Memorize 1 string 2 frets and 2 notes on every string Do all 3 of these every day for 2 weeks for about 5-10 min per day and you will easily master your Fretboard. For more ways to master your fretboard visit www.theworksguita...!

#1 Guitar Lessons For Beginners - Your First Guitar Scale

This photo from is a chart of a bunch of useful scales. It demonstrates my need for mastery. I've been playing guitar for almost 8 years now, but it's a hobby that requires constant practice and dedication. The photo reminds me to practice and also provides some useful information.

That's how it starts - just touch a key and hear the sound - you're making music, little one!

guitar scales chart | The minor blues scale - 5 positions