Modern Folk Embroidery

A different take on huck embroidery Memories: my grandmother taught me how to embroidery this way! I can't help but smile!

Hand Embroidery ideas and tutorial

roses embroidery

EMBROIDERY PATTERN UKRAINIAN. Can be used in a variety of ways!

folkloric embroidery

modern embroidery

Antique Pattern Library. Crochet, knitting, tatting, netting, embroidery, needle lace, beading and other needlework patterns.

THROUGH THE BITTER FROST & SNOW « Modern Folk Embroidery

Pink Druzi Wool Blanket / Фото #9 - Onoe Megumi embroidery - simplehard


A embroidery

Embroidery - flowers

hand embroidery

postage stamp embroidery

Embroidery blue butterfly

Russian embroidery patterns from 1877

embroidery - feather stitch

What a great little Embroidery Chart! I haven't seen one of these in ages. I'm quite a fan.

flower embroidery