LOVE this. Use a 9oz plastic cup to package cupcakes for bake sales or just to give as treats.

SO clever: Clear short drink cups for packaging cupcakes - cheaper than boxes!

Everyones seen those pins and posts about using cups to serve cupcakes at bake sales, etc and Ive never been able to get it to work because once you ge the cupcake in you cant get it out without a handful or icing and making it look gross. Check this out!! Such a better idea!

Cupcake Packaging

giant rice krispie kiss

Teacher Appreciation: You Take The Cake!

Clever and cute cupcake packaging using 9 oz tumbler cups!

Andes Mint Cupcakes by Your Cup Of Cake. Made these and all I can say is mmm good!

How to Make Chocolate Dipped Cupcakes

Monkey Birthday Cupcakes @Niki Monson

cupcake gift packaging

Soldier cupcakes

Good bake sale idea

Bake Sale ideas

"Reeses Pieces Cupcakes."

Graduation cupcakes

Piña Colada Cupcakes - Pineapple and coconut top these light pineapple cupcakes, what a perfect Spring dessert! For the coconut lover out there, these are super easy, low fat, moist and delicious!

Tooth Cupcakes

Use a fun colored utensil tray to display toppings for an ice cream or cupcake decorating station.

A DIY cupcake holder is such a smart idea!