Movement and Stillness

shells underwater

river rocks in Wyoming on the Lewis and Clark river rafting adventure

I love rocks, what can I say....

Amazing Lakes- California - Misty Huntington Lake- California

Dew with reflection

Pebbles in tafoni riddled rock

stillness and movement

Waves come in many different forms, are all around us and manifest in many different ways i.e. light, sound, shock etc. Out of all the types of waves, experiencing ocean waves is by far the most naturally beautiful and fun, but then again, how much fun would they be without the light to see them, the crashing sound of them or the shock of being unexpectedly dumped by one? The colors that represent the ocean best.

Cozy Yogi: She's someone who takes time to connect with herself, whether it's on the mat in the studio or in the comfort of her own home—rest & rejuvenation are just as important for her body as they are for her mind.

I Like It Natural And Colorful...Always In The Country !...

Wet "glacial till", glacially eroded rocks, polished over eons of water erosion, on the shore of Lake MacDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana. Photo by Brenda Tharp.

This is one of my favorite places in the whole world to be...reminds me a bit of Sand Harbor beach. Underwater landscape By Voritex

close up of fall leaf water droplets (from -

morning mist*

sea green water


I need to have some water texture for my cave. This will enable me to have a realistic appearance for my cave map.

"Earth's Natural Glitter," by Cheryl Tarrant via Flickr -- "Take one abalone shell, add beads, spray with a mist of water. Add sunlight. Play with a macro lens." Makes for a gorgeous shot!

Night forest breezes - the theme behind Aesthetic Content's Midnight Brezza Luxury Scented Candle

Another HDR example