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Photo inside of a photo. Two separate photos merged together to create a concept.

Posters - Graphic Design Inspiration #graphicdesign #poster #design

An artist known as 'Lara Lisa' created this piece of art called 'Crazy Woman'. This image is photographed, both of the girl and the image of the street which is replacing her face. This image relates to the 'openings' theme because the street is of an opening - it also links in with 'disguise' as her face is disguised by a street and the edit makes it seem as though she's holding the picture over her face to hide it. Photoshop has been used to create this whole image.

Double Exposure Portraits by Dan Mountford | There's nobody who doesn't know about Dan Mountford at this point but his photography is too beautiful not to be here. Double exposure done in-camera. #doubleexposure #girl #danmountford #web #whimsical #photography #blackandwhite

“problèmes de central” yann faucon Love this #collage.


Editorial Design Inspiration | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration


Amazing illustrations

30 Amazing Digital Illustrations by Patrick Seymour | Inspiration | Graphic Design Junction

Creative Photo Manipulation

The broad color spectrum here is highly appealing to me due to the high saturation. Also the addition of the circle completes the design.

cloud | #graphic #design

graphic design style- antigirl fall07

Adams Carvalho

Colorful Illustrations and Collages by Niky Roehreke

More quality designs for your inspiration | From up North

Graphic design summed up in a design. ;)

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