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crispina potholder rug frame

Crispina French's Potholder Rugs. Remember making potholders on that funny little loom in grade school? Here's taking recycled old clothes and making a rug. The frame isn't complicated to make and I really need a rug in my bedroom.

I LOOOOVE these potholder rugs! Crispina ffrench is the artist. They are made of 100% post consumer used cottons T-shirts like the ones you can buy at the Goodwill. She teaches workshops...You can learn all about that at www.crispina.com.

DIY Potholder Rugs

Potholder rugs


potholder rug loom

Rug made from potholder loom

Potholder? Rug?



crochet rug

Crochet rug

crochet rug


Crochet Rug

rag rug

Magnetic frame

wool rugs

New Use for Old Sheets: Making a Rag Rug