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Quick basic brain gym exercises

Editable Sticky Note Data Sheets for Special Education and Autism

Brain Gym- simple exercises to do before writing, spelling and math. Crossing the midline of the brain.

Teaching Growth Mindset: Your Fantastic Elastic Brain

Are you teaching your students about growth mindset? Do they understand how the brain works? Use Your Fantastic Elastic Brain to deepen your students' understanding of growth mindset. This blog post will help you understand the what the book contains as well as a few tips and ideas for discussions and activities.

Editable Sticky Note Data Sheets for Special Education and Autism

This resource includes data sheets that can be printed on to sticky notes. This resource is great for use in the special education classroom, where often many different types of data systems are utilized. Having these data sheets printed on sticky not

Durable Token Strips That You Can Make!

Make your own work for cards for little to no money! Here is an idea for making durable token economy strips with things around your classroom. This idea is ideal for special education classrooms especially those designed for autism. More

Rubric for Special Education or Young learners

I have created a student friendly language rubric that can be used for self reflection. This can be used by younger students or Special Education students. I

Waking the Brain with Morning Stretches

Teaching In The Fast Lane: Waking the Brain with Morning Stretches - "When you do big muscle movements it increases the oxygen flow to your brain, and therefor prepares it for learning."