Cutting Kit: Cutting Activities for Preschoolers & Young Kids

The Inspired Treehouse - There are so many fun and creative cutting activities for preschoolers and young kids. This cutting kit is a great way to introduce the skills needed for cutting with scissors!

Learn scissor skills milestones and 35 of the best Occupational Therapy tips for helping kids learn to cut with scissors!

fine motor skills: These ideas are great for encouraging children to build strong, flexible and nimble fingers. They’re all fun to try, and use simple materials you’ll have around the home. I like Rainbow for Noah Lesson

Fine Motor Activity: Cutting Straws and Play Dough

Engage in active play using gross- and fine-motor skills. A good center fine motor activity by cutting straws to make play doh men.

button snake - fine motor activity for teaching buttoning skills (happy hooligans) what a great craft idea for camping trip . doesn't take up a lot of space and the toddlers love the twirly effect that the snake makes when done.

Fine Motor Fuzzy Beads for Letter Recognition

This fine motor activity works on open web space of the thumb and finger in the hand. An open web space is important for fine motor tasks like handwriting and tool use. Kids will love these ideas to work on an open web space, from an Occupational Therapist.

20+ Simple Hands On Activities That Help Build Fine Motor Skills

Simple Hands-On Activities That Help Build Fine Motor Skills - with fine motor skills going missing at preschool, try some of these hands-on invitations to help strengthen fine motor skills you clever monkey

DIY Math Games Ideas to Teach Your Kids in an Easy and Fun Way

Maths activity of counting beads on a pipe cleaner. Great for developing number and fine motor skills.

Fabulously Fantastic Fine Motor Activities

Exploring, creating, and discovering is how we learn! Focusing on creative learning activities for kids!

Favorite Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

If you are looking for fine motor activities for preschoolers, then look no further. These fine motor activities are fun, engaging and super effective!

Salt Tray and Gem Pattern Making

Enjoy some playful maths activities with this salt tray and gem pattern making provocation! Fine motor skills, patterning, counting and symmetry

Shape Sorting Sensory Invitation to Play

Children can practice fine motor skills and sorting shapes individually or in pairs. Aligns to standard: Sort objects into subgroups by one or two characteristic