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  • Emily Frugé Hood

    Although all of Emily Giffin's books are great, I liked Something Borrowed and Something Blue the most!

  • Amy Krahl

    Something Borrowed - Started this at the beginning of the summer, and finally finished it! I can't wait to get the movie!! :) A very good book to read about love, being runner up to your best friend, and stealing something that you shouldn't :)

  • Lani Akers

    Something Borrowed........ Actually really can't decide if this should go here or in "Not worth reading" but I guess I enjoyed it enough to recommend. If you're looking for a bit of highly flawed fluff. It's a pretty fun/quick read, but it does have problems. If you read this one, also read Something Blue.

  • Lauren Ashley

    One of my favorite reads

  • Ashley Pullen

    Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin. favorite book!!

  • Whitley Life to see more book reviews! Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin The book and movie really followed along the same lines. I have actually read the second book in this series, and I read it before Something Borrowed. This book was a quick easy read. I enjoy Emily Griffin's writing style and loved how she created all of the tension between characters and loved the evolution of some of the other characters.

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One of the easiest books I've ever read. Very light!! It didn't stress me, didn't make me cry, didn't give me nightmares...It was a good choice to relax between some more intense books.

This is my favorite book of all time. If you haven't read it yet, you should.

9 books to read if you loved 'Friends'

Emily Griffin is one of my favorite authors, her books have a great story line, are funny, well written, and an easy read!

Emily Giffin is one of my favorite Authors. I have read ALL of her books so far (that I know of)

Movie was kinda dumb...I still haven't figured out why they used Kate Hudson as the younger friend...

Something borrowed, something blue-Definitely liked Something Blue more. Can't wait for the movie

Beach reading essential. Being an English teacher doesn't mean that I read only classics by dead white men.

Ok, ok I read this one in 2011 but it was so good that I just had to share it. Emily Giffin is one of my favorite authors. Her stories are inspiring, uplifting, and thought-provoking. If you could use some excellent reads, check these out pronto.

Great book...I love that the main character Claudia doesn't apologize for her views on life whether people agree with them or not!

"some books are meant / to be read just like this / alone, with the evening, / a bowl of fruit ripening / waiting for the reader / to grow hungry, but / she won't, the book / will devour her, / and it / will soon / become / morning."