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  • Pintura Studio

    Wow. Now that's the end of the road!

  • Pamela Dixon

    The mountain house Aescher Wildkirchli is built right into a cliff face on the edge of the Swiss Alps, near Ebenalp, Switzerland & very near to the Wildkirchli prehistoric caves. It can be reached either by a challenging hike or a 15 minute cable car ride from the Wasserauen-Ebenalp station.

  • Tylar Schneider

    Mountainous Home that he'd love

  • Erycka Thesing

    Mountain house, very cool! Imagine the view!!

  • Sarah-Lambert

    Could this yellow house be better situated? I think not.

  • Amanda Soule

    tree house

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i want to live there

TREE HOUSE – this one looks like a pirate ship in the trees.

tree house- I totally see my husband building this for our sweet daughter oneday!!!

Amazing window. Can you imagine standing there brushing your teeth looking out that window?

brings to mind by first real large doll house, she was simply beautiful 2 moi, it was hidden on grandmamans' solarium, I still remember walking thru those lovey French paned doors and voila-joi unspeakable full of glory

Love the outside of this home - it looks like magical things would take place inside, and someone would serve you sweet tea on the veranda :)

Majestic Mountains by Thomas Grant