Mount magnetic knife holders to the wall and watch your kids have a blast cleaning up matchbox cars - it's win-win!

Magnetic Car Storage

DIY Toy Car Tunnel by lowescreativeideas: Made from PVC pipe! #DIY #Toy_Car_Tunnel

Shelves for Hot Wheels (except I would probably need the whole wall filled with shelves as many cars as my boys have)

A coat of magnetic paint takes a wall from plain to playful. Neat! (via @joannagoddard)

Washi tape car track #kids #room idea

Art for a boys room. I think I might do this for both L and E. craft-ideas-diy

all those hot wheels

Old into a darling child's riding toy. Cute!

WOW - any little boy would love this in their bedroom!

beautiful shelving and toy storage

Tackle box for storing Matchbox cars

Oil Drip Pan from Walmart. As a giant magnet board ($12) Genius! Toddler Room

5 Most Underrated Kids Products At IKEA, including this knife rack as a car or train holder.

**INSPIRATION!!** What if you did this idea on a wall in a kids' room, and affixed the cars to the wall? OOH! don't they have magnetic paint now? What if you painted the roads, on the wall, in magnetic paint, and the cars would stick to them?? GAAAH awesome!!