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    The Nubian Egyptian Queen Tiye, Akhenaten’s mother



    • Raphael Mota

      Rainha Tiye - Queen Tiye - Tiy - ...

    • John Thomas

      Queen Tiy, 1352 BCE Ancient Egypt, boxwood,ebony,glass,gold,lapis lazuli,cloth,clay,and wax sculpture, found at Kom Medinet el-Ghurab, now located in Berlin, the piece is made in an Egyptian style.

    • Rachel Schutte

      The Nubian queen Tiye - Akhenaten’s mother. As tradition decitated, Akhenaten covered the beautiful headdress the queen's bust would've originally wore.


      The Nubian queen Tiye - Akhenaten’s mother. Aunt of Nefertiti. Her brother was the Vizer Ay.

    • Gustavo Robles

      Queen Tiye -18th Dynasty Ancient Egyptian: Akhenaten’s mother and Tutankhamun's grandmother

    • Renate Belfor

      Queen Tiye: in " The original “knights” of England were Black! "

    • Laura Stevenson

      The Nubian queen Tiye - Akhenaten’s mother. - Artist Unknown

    • Missy Kelly

      The Nubian Egyptian Queen Tiye, Akhenaten’s mother

    • Marcelo Marotta

      The Nubian queen Tiye - Akhenaten’s mother.

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