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  • CraftyMama

    So true!! My Grandparents went through so much - the death of a child, my grandpa off to war, and not seeing my grandmother for 2-3 years while in service, not seeing his own newborn daughter till she was 3...the list goes on. But, they stayed married and in love until he passed away, after 57 years of marriage. <3 They are an inspiration to me!

  • Jesslyn Gutierrez


  • Michelle Rullan Johnson

    Inspiration quote -marriage for 65 years!

  • Marie Villaluz- Noel

    FIX the marriage you are in! Truth. Inspiring and Depressing at the same time.

  • Karen Jones

    so true with my grandparents. True love <3

  • Mykal Greene

    So true, too bad more people don't feel this way about marriage today

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