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A Child Called It: I have no idea HOW I made it through this book. It was incredibly rough and could only read it in small doses. This was required reading for my minor in Child & Family Studies and my Abuse Against Women and Children course. IDK if I could've read it of my own free will.

A Child Called It | Dave Pelzer New paperback Book pb

*warning* This is a HARD book to read; There are some horrible abuse parts but this stuff really happens.

100 most popular books

World Book Night 2012, Top 100 Popular Books

i have read several books about the FDLS groups and I love reading about these women who have the courage and strength to escape. this is one more for my list.

Escape, Carolyn Jessop:: Seventeen years after being forced into a polygamous marriage, Jessop escaped from the cultlike Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints with her eight children.

the help

The Help

The Help. It is an awesome movie and I am sure it is an awesome book. This is an amazing movie! I love it!

Something Borrowed tells the story of Rachel, a young attorney living and working in Manhattan. Rachel has always been the consummate good girl---until her thirtieth birthday, when her best friend, Darcy, throws her a party. That night, after too many drinks, Rachel ends up in bed with Darcy's fiancé.  Loved this book!!!!!

Favorite author at the moment, Emily Giffin, started reading her books a while ago and love that she is getting the well deserved recognition! She is wonderful!

Don Piper "90 Minutes in Heaven"

90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Death & Life - By: Don Piper, Cecil Murphey Very good book! A must read!

The Giver by Lois Lowry - I believe production has started on a movie version...I love it when my favorite books become movies!

The Giver - Read. I read this when I was in middle school and I didn't like it then. So, I thought, with the movie coming out, I'd give it another shot. Still leaves a bit to be desired, but the dystopian genre always makes me think.

One of my favorites...

Emily Griffin, this book really makes you analyze life decisions and the relationships you have and have had in the past.