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I REALLY need this!

Things I say & why I need this.I will punch you in the face. I wanna punch them in the face. They need to be punched in the face. Im want to punch some people in the face.

I would laugh so hard

A waitress with a sense of humor…

If I ever work as a waitress and someone spilled their drink.I'd be this waitress.

More Than Sayings: Fun

funny halloween tombstone sayings. Died from not forwarding that text message to 10 people.

I've always loved Maslow's pyramid of all the things you need to have sorted, but I LOVE the New Maslow’s hierarchy of needs! What do you think?

FART BE GONE!  Flatulence Deodorizer Pad, GOES IN UNDERWEAR, LET EM RIP!   I can't stop laughing.  So many people I want to buy this for just to see them laugh till they cry . . .lol Great White elephant gift

FART BE GONE! Flatulence Deodorizer Pad, oh this would be a good funny gift for white elephant

I NEED to carry one of these at all times.

Shit I Gotta F*cking Get Done Notebooks

In your mind everything gets filed under the same list: Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done. Just be honest and call it what it is. Uncensored and unapologetic, this handy little notebook helps you keep track of the shit you gotta fucking get done.

Someone tell this to my ex. Need validation much?

for real. it can happen and people do it every day. no one cares how much you work out.

I'm the mum that always finds everything in our house

If people winked in real life as much as they domain text messages this world would be a pretty creepy place (funny, humor, LOL, hilarious)

Pleeeease don't die!  Took ka minute... but I got it!!

No Cash, No Hope, No Jobs. We must protect Kevin Bacon! Not so funny if "No Bacon" actually means "No Food".