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I am so ANGRY..that I made a sign, sign. I wanna do this!

Angry Sign: I wonder what exactly it was that made this guy angry enough to make him want to make a sign.

Monsanto Gmo. Every citizen please sue Monsanto for treating you like a lab rat!

We don't really know just how unsafe. GMOs are. Until there is reliable, *objective* data supporting their safety, GMOs should be labeled.

The German motto around the owl reads in translation, "Although I am the hated bird, I rather enjoy that."

The German motto around the owl reads in translation, "Although I am the hated bird, I rather enjoy that.

Are unecessary vaccines  harming our children. Educate yourself and take charge of your child's life.

I have my vaccination card from when I was little and I use it to go by for my kiddos.

cat and owner in ninja costumes

What Your Cat Thinks While Wearing a Costume

Funny pictures about Karate cat. Oh, and cool pics about Karate cat. Also, Karate cat.

hero,do not forget what he did for us all.

The information Snowden shared, EXPOSED the criminal secret activity on the part of OUR elected government into our private lives.

Mujeres: blogs y Redes Sociales

Mujeres: blogs y Redes Sociales #infografia #infographic #socialmedia

let's hang out at the water cooler

No, it's probably not real, but that's a good thing, cause whiskey shouldn't be chilled anyway. A water cooler that’s sure to get your co-workers talking (and buzzed).

Good laugh for you all

I'm already pinsane but its no too late. Turn back and run! Run like there's no tomorrow. Go before its too late!

Easter Bunny  Santa Claus  Tooth Fairy

When your parents accuse you of lying to them, just remind them -The Easter Bunny, Toothfairy, & Santa Claus !

Who doesn't?

walk in door jeans off, sweatpants on hair up. Wore sweatpants all day and hairs already up :)

Protest against Monsanto. Support organic farming! the government does not need a hand in everything!

Amish harassed for selling raw milk and organic food. Monsanto given protection under Monsanto Protections act to sell poison and GMOs. What's wrong with this world?

This might have to be my new shirt to go out to meet women with. Think it'd work? :P

Dpcted Apparel Tees for Cuddlers & Chubby Lovers (hells yeah we cuddle better)