Bella vs. Katniss.

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Yup. That's The Hungergames series for you. -_-

And also, just like the Capitol made the games about the "star-crossed lovers" from District 12, people have made the series all about Peeta and Katniss' love story, when that is only a minor part of the whole story. We are the capitol. Suzanne Collins got it right.

Josh ♥ hahahahhaha



ya.... pretty much

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Mean Girls makes EVERYTHING better. @Stephanie Ferrell

At least he tried

What If... The Hunger Games Characters Were On Facebook?

Katniss, takes the phrase 'rebellious teenager' to a whole nother level.

But really.

I'm a HG fan and I'm fine.

omg i love this movie vampire sucks in which they make the fun of twilight.........u should see it..


Funko Pop! Hunger Games - Katniss "The Girl On Fire" Yay! I have this one.