Love this!


Haha another good one is to go into a crowded elevator and say "I bet your all wondering why I brought you in here".

Hahaha! love this!!!!!!

This is now on my bucket list

Bahaha this is so me


Hahah! SO funny! I would never do this though... ;P

Kids vs. teacher. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

funny-bucket-list-friend-hilarious-things-1.jpg (540×518)

lol this is funny

I WILL do this one day

As soon as you happen to be finished looking at this, try exploring a critical topic everyone needs to be asking our-self.


hahha i feel like @Hannah Walker and I would do this.


to do...

damn sidewalk! So funny Tara has to read it herself cause I'm laughing too hard

So funny

after 18 months...time to drop the "months" speak.

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