Love this!

THIS IS SO FUNNY!!! I HAVE to try this!!


Im totally going to do this. - more funny stuff here:

Haha another good one is to go into a crowded elevator and say "I bet your all wondering why I brought you in here".

Kids vs. teacher. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

Hahaha! love this!!!!!!

Haha wow!!

Yep it's going on the bucket list.

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I wanna do this someday! it be real funny.

From just the right angle...


He's awesome lol

anyone else just picture Benedict sending Martin to the door to get the pizza.............and then somehow Dean & Cas are in the picture cuz it's the pizza delivery man...................yeah, total fangirl alert

This sounds like me as a teenager.

Funny and Relatable!


Bahaha this is so me