Adding lots of pillows could really brighten up the brown couch! Love this example! Plus, getting your own fabric and making pillow covers could be cheap and fairly easy! (plus good sewing experience??)

eclectic utilitarian bedroom

I love decor with lots of different textures, and when things look just a little thrown around.

Love the colors!

.Natural textures including driftwood night table maple dresser and pink and mauve bedding

Neutral bedrooms

♂ Masculine and modern rustic looking bedroom interior design

The Gorgeous Home of Dave DeMattei and Patrick Wade

kismet rug in navy, bench, navy and white pillows, collected art

Pepe Calderine Design

tv surrounded by art

Crisp, fresh Boy's Room- well, it may be, but I'm a grown up lady and I love it too!

Finnian's Moon D.C. Design House 2012, boy's bedroom, blue, tan, stripes, fire truck, silver bust

dreamy bedroom

Never discount the hidden potential in your house! Paint & trim goes a long way

dreamy white bedroom

Wall paper

recycled wood pallet headboard and really like the color scheme.

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