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Oh! I absolutely love this, it is so quaint and cozy! We actually looked at a home the other day that had two upstairs bedrooms like this! I loved it sooo much! It was built in the 40s and I imagine it is blistering hot up there in the summer :(. It was so cute and cottage like! :)

attic room: love it because it's white

There's something gorgeous and charming about a square window in a tiny loft room like this. So cozy!

white attic bedroom - except I wouldn't squish the bed into the corner like that...

I love these lighted minimalistic clean attic spaces. I wish I had a loft like this.

Attic bedroom. Space for dancing and using your imagination! :) SOOO wish I had an attic room :)))

Attic Bedroom / great space photographed by Nicolas Mathéus. via Emmas Designblogg.

Could you live in a barn? Hell yes if it looked like this? New dream old refurbished barn!

I love the coziness of the bed, the wood on the ceiling, the contrast between the white and the wood.