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The Lupanar of Pompeii is the most famous brothel in the ruined Roman city of Pompeii. It is of particular interest for the erotic paintings on its walls. Lupanar is Latin for "brothel". The Pompeii lupanar is also known as Lupanare Grande.

Temple of Ramses III, Luxor, Egypt.I have always wanted to visit Egypt and still hope to do so one day.

The Meroe Pyramids. The Meroe Pyramids are located in the North-East of Sudan near the banks of the Nile in the area commonly known as Nubia. There are close to two hundred pyramids in a relatively small area, the ancient burial site of the Merotic Kingdom (sometimes known as the Kingdom of Kush). The Pyramids are smaller than their Egyptian cousins but equally impressive due to their number

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Old boiler: The world's first central heating system on display as 2000-year-old Pompeii villa gives rare insight into Roman life

Ancient boilers from Pompeii, the partially-buried Roman settlement near Naples in southern Italy.

The Roman word for phallus was fascinum. It was the ultimate symbol of power, luck, and fertility. A large penis symbolized everything positive. Shops and brothels hung images of them on their walls for good luck, accompanied by the words, "Here lies happiness." They believed that the male member was the source of life. Bas relief from Pompeii, Hic Habitat Felicitas

Roman campaign - map shows the route the many incursions into British territories over the decades the Romans attempted to subdue the British.

Pompeii, House of Venus in a Shell. On the rear wall of the peristyle are three large paintings on a blue background. The left hand painting is of the god Mars shown standing naked on a plinth while holding a lance & a shield. Around him the foliaged garden is teeming with bird life. AD 79 eruption