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The Lupanar of Pompeii is the most famous brothel in the ruined Roman city of Pompeii. It is of particular interest for the erotic paintings on its walls. Lupanar is Latin for "brothel". The Pompeii lupanar is also known as Lupanare Grande.

Pompeii dig~"This is the first house being excavated in Pompeii after many years. Visitors will be able to observe the dig process as it happens. Several pieces of Pompeii's daily life are going to emerge," Marcello Fiori, Pompeii's emergency commissioner, said.

Pompeii. Oecus 32. Part of Garden fresco from N wall. Inventory #40690. Photo courtesy of Stefano Bolognini (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

Statue of Eumachia, priestess and matron of the fuller's guild in Pompeii. She provided the funds for a large building near the forum, perhaps for the fullers. Her donation is an example of Roman euergetism, a system in which wealthy citizens redistributed their wealth by providing amenities for the lower-classes. Rich Romans paid for a wide range of goods and services, including guild buildings, public baths, and entertainment, such as gladiatorial games and religious festivals