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There is something so delightfully lovely (though albeit perhaps not that practical) about this notion of wearing stockings to the beach like this elegant 1920s young woman.

1960s Whitman crayon box (back). Loved all the Whitman color by number pictures!

Coloring: 7 reasons why your kids should be doing it. I love to color still to this day!!

Creative Giants - Edwin Binney Though it was Edwin's creative vision to produce crayons as cheap artists' supplies for children, it was Edwin's wife, Alice, who combined two French words to come up with the name "Crayola" - Life after Art

crayons- love the smell of crayons & Coloring! :)

Didn't you feel joyful when opening a new box of crayons when you were a child? I hope children still do.

Anonymous Art Deco Postcard, 1920s Scanned from the book "A History of Postcards" by Martin Willoughby.

You just can't beat a box of crayons (great photo by pj taylor)

Do you love Crayola orange crayons? Buy your own custom box on! Use Discount Code CRAYPIN20 for 20% off your entire purchase at Offer ends 12/31/13.

I never could resist a box of crayons.