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    No more dryer sheets. No more static cling.

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    • Kaitlyn Dumont

      Use loosely crumpled aluminum foil in your dryer instead of dryer sheets for eliminating static cling Junk in their Trunk

    • Missi Murray

      Do you find that even after using dryer sheets, your clothes are STILL full of static cling?? Throw in a rolled up ball of aluminum foil and see the difference!! (You can use the same ball over and over again too)

    • Jenny Cox

      foil "dryer sheet" - removes static cling - even better given the chemicals in the scents in those dryer sheets!

    • Haydee Sierrasuarez

      get rid of static cling with aluminum foil! I tried this on a load of fleece pullovers and nylon workout clothes - no static at all! This is my new go to instead of dryer sheets! One sheet is supposed to last 6 months but I've found it lasts about 4 or 5 extra large loads

    • Megan Lovell

      foil "dryer sheet" - removes static cling & can be reused several times. One ball of loosely crumpled foil took out all the static of every load I dried today. Amazing!

    • Jamie LeNoir

      get rid of static cling with aluminum foil! One piece lasts 6 months! I just tried this on a load of fleece pullovers and nylon workout clothes - no static at all! This is my new go to instead of dryer sheets!

    • Tracy Stallings

      foil "dryer sheet" - removes static cling, good for those with allergies to fabric softeners

    • Rosemarie

      Waded up some aluminum foil gets off the static better than dryer sheets! Great idea to try!

    • Stacey Reese

      use a loosely crumpled aluminum foil ball instead of a dryer sheet. no static cling!

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