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The first Chain cent struck in early March, the 1793 Chain AMERI. cents are extremely important historically, as the first coins struck for ...

If you have a silver coin collection, you will want to know all about the Flowing Hair Dollar. This Flowing Hair silver dollar just happens to be one of the rarest coins around and given that the Flowing Hair coin is rare, you should expect it to be expensive.

Once owned by the legendary King of Siam, this 1804-dated U.S. silver dollar is valued at $6,500,000 in the 2011 PCGS Million Dollar Coin Club. (Photo credit: Rare Coin Wholesalers.)

Smithsonian's 1849-dated "Double Eagle" 20 dollar denomination gold piece - Rarest US Coin worth $20,000,000.00 and still climbing. It will be featured at the 2011 World’s Fair of Money in Chicago.

1906 Barber Silver Half Dollar US Coin Money BECOME A PINTEREST AUTHORITY

Missouri coin collection began with rare penny

1799 SILVER DOLLAR SOLD FOR $822,500 Homefrom Home

Your Quick Guide to Investing in Gold Coins

Us Gold Coins | 2008 Bald Eagle Commemorative Five Dollar Coin

Spain, Carthago Nova. The Barcids. Time of Hannibal, ca. 221-208 BC. Silver Double Shekel (14.7g). Minted at Carthago Nova, ca. 220 BC. ~299,000~