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    Lol wow

    Ggggggirl I know that's right!

    Write it down


    Please and thank you :D

    Seriously though.

    See? Nobody's perfect. :D

    It's not denial. I'm just very selective about the reality I accept. (Source: Facebook ~ Waves of Gratitude) #funny #giggles #quotes


    girl power

    RIP Spock

    Lol, yep! I'm adorable that way. :)

    You cant fix stupid

    "Eat your lettuce and be sad" just took a turn for the worst

    Random Humorous photos

    My typical day of PMS: 1-Eat ALL of the food! 2-Cry about it 3-Get mad at ALL of the people! 4-Cry about it 5- Repeat.

    Period! Girl problems!

    #Periods#cramps#burning calories

    theres no scientific proof that briefly choking every human who makes eye contact with you can cure cramps but ill take my chances.

    When someone is being a wee bit self-centered. | 19 Frasier Comebacks To Use In Everyday Life

    Friends are like uggs. Nobody wants the fake ones.

    Just remember I got your back if you need anyone bitch-slaptafied.

    That moment you and your best friend talk shit about another person telepathically.