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Student of the day activity


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I made a similar question poster for my classroom. It's a great visual for students to help them generate questions.

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Spelling Activities For Fourth Grade

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This unit is filled with word study fun! Aligned to Common Core Foundational Skills for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Grades. Activities vary per sheet: * Word sorts (23/25 have a word sort) * Building words with prefixes and suffixes * Word searches * Paragraph writing * Unscramble letters * Sentence fill-in #2nd Grade RF.2.3b, RF.2.3c, RF.2.3d, RF.2.3e, RF.2.3f #3rd Grade RF.3.3a, RF.3.3b, RF.3.3c, RF.3.3d #4th Grade RF.4.3a #Second #Third #Fourth

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FREE Would you rather questions. Great when you have a few spare minutes.

Edutopiafrom Edutopia

11 Tips on Teaching Common Core Critical Vocabulary

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Learn these 11 brain-based strategies to help students learn vocabulary.

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Download all posters individually through blog post.


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Verb Relay Race - Help young readers understand verbs by doing them in this boisterous playground relay race.

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I absolutely LOVE these anchor posters. I use them everyday in my classroom. The best part is they are FREE. :)

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Words Their Way Notebooks: Teacher has some helpful tips for having kids complete word sorts, such as each group's sorts are on different colored paper

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Teaching Regular Plurals

Art Nouns

This free file was created to help our kiddos learn the specific rules of pluralizing nouns. It contains posters, 24 word cards to sort under headings ...

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Loads of FREE phonics centers.

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sound worksheets--words, sentences, and stories # Pinterest++ for iPad #

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What the Teacher Wants!: Their, There, They're freebie Would love to display one of these types of examples once a week.....

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Preschool Self Concept Activities

Great for teaching adjectives

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Phonics Word Sort

Teaching Oi And Oy

Feed the pig sounds with oi; Use for phonics with older kids, put pictures on apples for younger kids for phonemic awareness.

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This is another Arts and Craft activity that helps with verb endings. It also works with what tense the verb is.

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Let's Build With Digraphs (th, sh, ch, & wh)-This digraph resource pack includes three engaging, hands-on activities to help your students practice spelling and building words with beginning and ending digraphs th, sh, ch, and wh. $

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This FREE product is 2 pages long. It is a Word Study-Spelling Homework Menu that your students can use for any spelling words. I use Words Their Way in my first grade classroom. I attach each child's word sort to the menu each week, and they can choose 5 activities to complete throughout the week.