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eat meat and enjoy it if you want. But this is the fact of it that must be accepted. Vegans care just as much about people.

This is exactly why I became vegan. Except at first it was for my health, to eat healthy food. And I figured eating vegan was best. And then I started watching the videos like Earthlings and educated myself. I've been vegan for just over 2 months now and the thought of consuming anything that came from a living, sentient being makes me sick. Go vegan!

i'm bombarded with pro-killing animal meat crap each & every day... and they use my tax $$$ via "Big Ag" subsidies to do it too.

Please do some research & look into the cruelty of the meat industry...if you buy eggs...dairy or meat you are contributing to this horrific industry.

Whenever someone says, "I'm a huge animal lover!" I think, "Really? Because you eat them. You literally EAT them..."