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I used to give this out to my students so that they wouldn't dog ear the pages of my classroom library!

Keep calm and read a book :-) [source unknown] ... The whole Keep Calm HISTORY: Keep Calm posts ARCHIVE: Keep Calm Studio: DIY 'Keep Calm and ...' MAKE YOUR OWN SLOGAN POSTER! Download it as a free PDF or PNG:

Ah, a cup of coffee and a good book...and a bookmark to keep your place! #bookmarks

Trading Phrasesfrom Trading Phrases

Reading Gives Us A Place Wall Decal


At least it can be at times for me... although I am trying to improve more self improvement books but they are not as much

I LOVE books - I also love that my son feels the same way! I offered to buy him a "Kindle" and he said "NO", I love the smell and feel of a book in my hands....

Bookworms will rule the world! ...As soon as we finish one more chapter... If you're a book worm, you'll notice that that is Matilda!!!